6 things motorbike riders should do while at home

Other than grouting the bathroom floor which I did on Friday night, it was riveting stuff let me tell you…we are still open for business! Girl Torque cc falls under education, with sessions no more than 2 and stationary tuition is at a whopping 3 meters apart. I am here if you or any of your friends need my help.

So, it begs the question – what do we do with all this time on our hands?

Try your hand at any of my 6 suggestions…

Finish detailing your bike 

Remember when you excitedly started cleaning and lubing the chain of your bike, before you got side-tracked and left the bike thinking that you will get back to it? Well now is the time to finish it and the rest of your beloved machine. Break out the cleaning products and cloths and get to work. You’ve got time now, so use it! Don’t have products you need… the internet is still running, so order online.

I spent a couple of hours on my Triumph, I must say it is looking better than ever! The big job is done, now it’s easy to maintain for the months ahead!

Plan your dream bike trip

We all need something to look forward to once this whole mess disappears, so why not plan your ultimate bike trip? It doesn’t need to be to an overseas destination, the fire ravaged south coast could do with some love and friendly faces. Get online and research locations, routes, accommodation and work that google maps. Make a list of all the essential items and start prepping your bike. It might seem like torture at first, but just imagine how good it will be when it finally happens. My tip – once you are happy with your essential items list, laminate it and tick things off with a non-permanent marker to reuse your list for the next trip. 

Clean out the garage

I totally understand why you keep putting off cleaning up the garage, it’s a pretty crappy job. Now is your time to shine! Get out there and don’t hold back. Chuck out what you don’t need and organise things into designated spots. This pandemic will bring out the Marie Kondo in each of us.

Clean your helmet

Make old, new again! There is something to be said for pulling out your inserts and giving them a new lease of life. Soap not only cleans your inserts; it puffs them up. Simply place inserts in a laundry zip bag for a thorough machine wash and put them out in the sun to dry. Voila!

Work on your fitness

With gyms closed, why not improvise. Just like Bette Midler in the movie “Ruthless People” Midler, who plays Barbra, while being held captive in the Kessler’s basement, Barbara takes up exercising, amongst other things she improvises with cans of soup as weights to relieve her boredom and loses at least 9 kg. If you’ve got equipment, then great. But don’t fret if you don’t; there are plenty of apps, websites and online training programs that rely solely on bodyweight exercises.


Most people are experiencing anxiety, stress and worry to some degree, some higher than others. It is an essential time to look after yourselves and your well-being. That might be in the form of reading a book, watching a movie, cooking, being social – “house party App” seems to be all the rage and most of all, DIY treatments. If you’re heading to the store for essentials, grab a Garnier SkinActive Hydra bomb, a little face TLC in a quiet spot is sure to help.

Stay safe and healthy and I’ll see you either in a session or on the other side of this crazy crisis.

Ride safe!