Bring on the Chill

Winter is finally here, and we have been busy out on the roads training. I must admit that rugging up and getting into my leathers when it’s cold is a rigmarole however a necessity. When I do, I always feel exhilarated and inspired! By the way there are some great products out there that will keep you looking svelte and feeling snug and are not too bulky. …. But I’ll get on to that later.

There is a lot to cover in this newsletter, I’ve been lining up events, some at your request, so I look forward to seeing you and catching up!

I hope to inspire you to ride to amazing places, I know some of you are a little anxious and if you are not ready to venture too far that’s O.K. Our Girl Torque cc individualised sessions can improve your skills, boost your confidence and keep you safer on the road. When you’re confident enough you will realise how riding motorcycles can open up your world and I will be also etching the importance of correct road craft along this ride.

I love that I can share information with you, so you can constantly learn, this is the place to keep you up to date on everything motorbikes.

Looking ahead there are some exciting things coming up over the months ahead!

Girl Torque cc group rides with training have been super successful. Not only are they an effective way to see progression, they are also an opportunity to ride together. Everyone has the same fears and challenges! It’s always great when someone asks a question you’re too embarrassed to ask. The rides are monthly and Anthia (my awesome head rider!) and I, communicate via Bluetooth to keep you safe. We try and mix it up with interesting restaurant stops that serve a delicious breakfast. Don’t worry no one ever gets left behind after breakfast! Our next ride is Sunday 7th July.

Contact me via my contact page if you would like to join us!

Who said Party??? Mutt Motorcycles is having its launch party on Saturday 13th July at 68 Darley St, Mona Vale. From the “Mongrel” to the sexy “S-54” it will be all on show, sparkling and new, at this uber cool new digs. I’m thinking of organising a ride to “The Beach House” for brunch before the launch, if we can get enough bums on moto seats – let me know if you’re interested.

Contact me via my contact page if you would like to join us!

Get your hands dirty. There has been a shout out for a wrench event and I have delivered. Bringing together female riders to inform you about bike maintenance, service and safety.

Girl Torque cc in conjunction with Mutt Motorcycles are holding the wrench event at: 68 Darley St, Mona Vale Sunday 15th November.

Save the date as numbers are limited.

$30 fee includes Wrench session and cool T-shirt 

Contact Mutt Motorcycles on 02 8411 2584 bookings are essential.

Track day


Fabienne Phillips founder of Girl Torque cc, in conjunction with Ride Day Provider and social motorcycling community, Sydney West Riders, is organising a WOMENS TRACK DAY.

Women of all levels of riding will have the opportunity to refine and develop their skills, feel empowered, have fun and meet other like-minded female riders in a safe and professional environment.  

Girl Torque cc, a motorbike training and support for women riders, is providing this opportunity for riders to put into practice skills learnt in their individualized training sessions. The day is also open to ALL LEVELS of licensed riders who are encouraged to come along and enjoy the experience.

Be inspired and experience the solidarity of women who dare to embrace adventure and live life to the full.

The driven vision behind this is to:

– Inspire and unite street riders into track riders

– Provide a platform for riders to liberate their riding ambitions in a safe and controlled environment.

– Welcome riders of all levels to ride in groups that is suitable to their pace.

– Encourage track riders to ultimately get into amateur racing to promote the Motorsport


Where is it, how much does it cost and what does it include?

821- 849 Luddenham Rd, Luddenham NSW 2745


   6 x 15 minute approx. sessions of track time (5 groups at different speeds but numbers of group may vary)

    Track session mentors provided (classroom review discussions not available on the day)

✅     Lap timer used to log your performance and consistency

✅    Access to MotoGP and Ride 3 on PS4 between sessions

✅    Complimentary Photography by MotoGP & ASBK Accredited Photographer

✅    1x Sports Drink

✅    1x Light Snack

✅    Your very own creative artwork for social media (only upon requests)

✅    Event recap video for you to share your ride day experience!

✅ Rider mentors allocated to each riding group


How can I be a part of the day?

Spots are limited! Book and secure your exclusive spot, please contact us on any of the channels below for a quick  response ! 

– Contact Fabienne via the Girl Torque cc contact page  (scroll down to “Track day” in services field box)

– Call 0418 297 585


How does the day run?

Scrutineering and registration from 7:30am

Riders briefing begins at 8:30am

Track walk at 8:40am

Track session commences 9:00am to 4:45pm


What group should I be in?

Purple – First time ever on a race track and/or still prefer to take it slow/ inexperienced

White – First time at Luddenham Raceway/or still prefer to take it steady/newcomer

Yellow – Experienced Medium

Green – Experienced Medium Fast

Red – Experienced Fast

Groups may change based on number of attendees and operational requirements. Participants will not be allowed to change groups unless instructed by organisers. All participants have the responsibility to ensure they are prepared for their sessions.


Final Notes

This is not limited to but includes:

– Full leathers (including longer length gloves and boots)

– Full face helmet meeting approved standards

– Riders license

– Protected engine cover on bike

– Chain adjusted correctly and lubricated

– No leaking fluids e.g. oil, coolant and brake fluid

– Tyres clear of any punctures and are deemed satisfactory for track.

– Spectators must sign in at the main Luddenham Raceway centre. A $5 spectator fee will be required before entry.    Spectators must be – 16 years & older to be permitted to enter the open pit.

– There are no refunds.

– In an event of wet weather, the ride day will still proceed. Only if deemed unsafe/cancelled by the track owner, then you may reschedule to one of our other dates.

Book today! if you would like to secure your spot via bank transfer


App news! The Girl Torque cc App has an addition onboard for fab member discounts.

It’s about sharing the love! Mutt Motorcycles are offering a 10% instore discount. Download for free and check the list out!

Link to App


Now with the housekeeping out of the way, I’d like to send out a big congrats to Claire, Jules and Morag who have successfully passed their provisional motorcycle test. They are putting into practice the skills they learnt from Girl Torque cc and are now spreading their wings so to speak. So proud of you girls!

I’d just like to touch on pre provisional test jitters. Sitting a test is one thing, but sitting on a motorbike and taking the test is another. From frantic requests for last minute tips on Facebook to anything that can calm your nerves on the day, we all go through it.

Actually, it’s quite simple – stick to the basics:

Practice, practice and more practice.

Apply the skills learnt in training sessions.

Mirror and head checks

And always keep calm and focused.


For some pre-test prep go to:


As I finish up, I will leave you with a warm message. It’s my second winter with a Zarkie touring heated vest liner and I couldn’t imagine another winter without it. Powered by your motorbike battery, I am one toastie rider!!

Ride Safe