• Private on-road training, motorbike handling, sessions and packages.
  • Personal motorbike suitability service to source your dream motorbike.
  • Prices start at $130 p/h.
  • Individual shopping trips to secure your perfect motorbike.
  • Define your style with personal apparel shopping trips
  • Prices start at $85 p/h.

Ride out with confidence

Girl Torque.cc was founded with an adventurous spirit and inspirational ambitions: to empower Australian women to ride motorbikes more safely, confidently and stylishly than they ever imagined possible – regardless of experience.

Equipping you with skills, gear and apparel

We’re on a mission to transform the way you feel and act on the road through access to tailored professional rider education and training for every level of experience. We want to fuel your motorbike wanderlust, help you discover the perfect bike, equip you with the right gear and find your unique on-road look.

Exclusive benefits for Girl Torque.cc members App

  • 20% off your first lesson.
  • Exclusive discounts and offers with our retail partners.
  • Enjoy torque and tips in our regular newsletter.
  • Ride out, attend, connect on event days and social group rides.
  • Score a coveted Girl Torque.cc member’s t-shirt.
  • Membership fee is $9.95 p/m. Sign up for 2 months and get 2 months free (reverts to monthly subscription).

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“Fabienne not only found a well priced bike that suited to me she was personable, encouraging and most of all patient in our training sessions. ”

Tanya R

“I’m relieved to have found someone willing to work at my slightly hesitant pace. Fabienne is mentoring me from scratch, and it’s making the whole learning process so much less stressful and more fun.”

Tracey L

“My husband has been on at me to ride pillion so that we can go away for weekends and adventures. But, nope… I decided I needed my own bike and to learn from scratch. Fabienne helped me find a fantastic Yamaha that I won’t outgrow too fast, and I’ve now graduated to her next level of training. I highly recommend Girl Torque.”

Miranda O


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