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In order to best serve your requirements we send out a confidential questionnaire to complete. Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, we will provide product and price options for your budget – whether we’re searching for the best motorbike deals including unique discounts from my retail partners, or accompanying you on the ground! In fact, Girl Torque.cc stays with you all the way, right down to sorting insurance and delivery of your newfound joy.

Prices start from $85 p/h


Many people struggle to decide which bike to get, and often they buy more than one bike that allows them to express themselves in different ways. As you embark on your exhilarating biking journey, your first step is to find the right bike that fits your personality, self-expression and intended use – in one stylish package.

Below the surface, you’re probably mulling a hundred questions over in your head. Will it have the power to overtake safely? Does it have a good connection with the road? How does it handle all weather conditions? Will I be comfortable? And these are precisely the right questions to ask.

First things first, you need to understand the different styles of bikes, and then find one that features in the Roads & Maritime list of approved motorcycles for novice riders. Then, book a guided motorbike shopping trip and let me find and organise the right test bikes for you.

Sport Bikes

Upright/Naked Bikes

Café Racers

Cruiser Motorcycles

Adventure Bikes


Sports Bikes

These are the style of bike you would see on the race track, and adapted for road use, the Sports bike has a few differences in style and design that you can pick up at a glance. They tend to have split grips that are dropped, and a riding position that has you leaning forward over the tank.

The sports bike will have a larger turning circle and the feet set up higher on the pegs, with not a lot or room for a pillion passenger on the back. They are fun though! There are smaller capacity bikes in this style for learners, and they look fast, even when you are standing still (!).

Not the most comfortable or practical bikes for long trips, however a great look and terrific fun if you like tucking into corners and maybe even taking the bike around the track.

Upright/Naked Bikes

When bike shopping, if someone asks whether you’d consider going naked – and I don’t mean literally – then they’re asking whether you want a standard class of bike with an upright riding position and an unobstructed view of the engine.

This style of bike is versatile, easy to control and most importantly a great performer- I own one, and it’s got my vote. I find it’s the happy medium between the riding posture of the cruisers and the forward-leaning sport bikes. With its straight bar configuration, foot pegs below the rider and generous seat for long rides, this style of bike won’t tax the body, and it’s less stressful on your wrists.

Suited to both tall and short riders, manufacturers seem to be making this class of bike very light and suited to many types of riding. Once you’re ready to move up to a bike with greater engine power, your transition will be seamless.

Café Racers

This increasingly popular class of bike is about style and character rather than comfort and performance. The terrific thing about Café Racers is they’re a blank canvas for self-expression. With a similar body position to an upright bike, they’re slightly lower to the ground, so they suit mid-height and shorter girls who want to express themselves through their bike and the uber cool gear available to match.

Café Racers are great for short distance quick rides such as a cruise down to the beach or weekend away with personalised side luggage options. For an extra dose of self-expression, many garages offer tweaks and extras from mechanical mastery to a special seat.

Cruiser Motorcycles

The “cruiser’ is more about adventures and getting away – relaxing and enjoying a lazy pace where you can let all the other sports bikes and wanna-be racers take off, leaving you to arrive in style and without a whole lot of stress. Cruisers are generally low riding bikes, that makes them easy to get on and off – great for us low profile girls!. The riding position is a quite different sports bikes, as your feet are slightly forward and posture in an upright position, taking the weight your wrists, neck and shoulders, making it a whole lot more comfortable to ride, especially on longer trips.

This is not a high performance bike, unlike those you might see going around a track, and understandably the cornering and overall ride will be more sedate than those sporty type bikes. Totally fine! Perfect for those weekends away, and there is always the opportunity to pack a heap of luggage, as well as a partner riding in comfort on the back.

Adventure Bikes

For the ultimate adventure girl who loves a dirty weekend… of mud, dust and grime… the Adventure Bike is in a class of its own. With the looks of a capable off-roader and the balance and handling of an Upright/Naked Bike, it can tackle both paved roads and dirt with ease.

This solid beast is better suited to taller girls, itching to hit the open road for a long-haul tour. With heaps of luggage options and more than enough room for your must haves, I predict you’ll be one happy camper!

Need more good news? Your upright riding position on a comfortable seat seriously lets you enjoy the ride without feeling that you need to stop to rest your backside! And with more options in the Adventure Motorcycle class than ever before, they’ll take you wherever you want to go.


Scooters are extremely popular around the city for good reason. With no gears or clutch, the scooter is so easy to simply step into, press the starter, and roll the throttle to zoom off.

The scooter category has an abundant choice, ranging from a scooter with traditional characteristics equipped with all the bells and whistles to a more powerful 550cc modern day scooter with ABS brakes and great ergonomics.

There are large luggage compartments on scooters, to hold shopping or your helmet. They are easy to ride, although they do have a different feel to motorcycles, especially around corners, they tend to be much easier to manoeuver in tight traffic conditions – great for getting to work, the shops or zipping down to the beach!

Get personally fitted with the right bike for you

Join me on your personalised shopping trip and get fitted for the right bike. These highly personalised shopping experiences begin with a pre-shop briefing to discover more about you and your style of fun. Then, we stay right by your side to ask the right questions and give you all the advice needed to ensure you buy your perfect bike.